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Resnick on the Loose

Mike Resnick

RESNICK ON THE LOOSE collects Mike Resnick's essays, editorials, interviews, introduction, and articles—more than 75 of them—covering everything from Hugo Awards to classic authors to the art of writing. An essential volume for anyone interested in looking beyond Resnick's award-winning novels and stories to the heart and soul of the creative genius behind them! Introduction by Eric Flint.

$4.99 ePub / Kindle $19.99 Paperback
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    The Victorian Rogues MEGAPACK™


    Sure, you can root for Sherlock Holmes or Charlie Chan or Hugh Drummond. But I’ll take a good old-fashioned rogue over the lot of 'em any day. Boston Blackie, A.J. Raffles, the Lone Wolf, Thubway Tham, Mr. Clackworthy, Arsene Lupin—they all hold a curious fascination, dabbling as they do in crime and punishment! So take a walk on the seamy side of the Victorian era. (And yes, we are cheating with my dates a little bit. But we wanted to include a few latter-day rogues whose adventures are in the spirit of the Victorian rogues.) All told, it's more than 1,900 pages of great reading!

    $0.99 ePub / Kindle
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    Tony Rothman

    The world is moving towards alternative energy. Two giant laboratories, one in France, one in Texas, are engaged in a contest to give mankind a limitless source of energy-fusion, the energy source of stars. In France, the European Union is constructing the colossal ITER project. At CFRC, the Controlled Fusion Research Center near Austin, a scientists have constructed a machine they call Prometheus to challenge ITER. When the director of the Austin lab attempts to achieve fusion on the day of Prometheus' dedication, a near-fatal accident ensues, and in an instant the rivalry between ITER and CFRC becomes a race to change the future of the world. But was it an accident, or sabotage?

    $4.99 ePub / Kindle $15.99 Paperback
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    The Racing Heart of Fear

    B.A. Chepaitis

    On Prison Planetoid Three, Jaguar Addams and Alex Dzarny use their telepathic gifts to make criminals face the fears that drive their heinous crimes. They’ve been a great team, but now, Alex has left the Planetoid and Jaguar, grief stricken over the death of his son. Jaguar, left on her own, goes off to the home planet with her friend Rachel to watch some Formula One racing in Montreal. There, a lost dog leads her to some of the fastest women on the planet, and when one of them is killed, she’s stuck with the dog and the case. In short order she realizes that the man responsible for the death is the same one who made Alex leave...

    $4.99 ePub / Kindle $14.99 Paperback
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